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Raising Kind and Resilient Kids

In this course, you will go from feeling uncertain and overwhelmed to feeling confident, connected and purposeful while experiencing more peace and connection in your home.

Who Is This For?

This is for parents and families of
children birth - 10 
who want to support their child's character development.

  We will explore:

  • the skills your child needs to develop resilience

  • practical ways to integrate character development into your existing routines

  • simple ways to teach emotional regulation AND

  • a four-step process for maintaining connection and patience during meltdowns

Family Fishing Trip
Baby's Hand

What's Included?

Three self-paced modules that you can watch/listen based on your family's schedule.  

Module 1  Learn to Parent With The End In Mind: We want to parent intentionally and to do that, we need to set some goals. This is going to inform how we teach responsibility, self-regulation, critical thinking, self-management, and compassion.

Module 2  Iron Sharpens Iron:  In this module, we'll be looking at sibling relationships (or cousins/neighbors/friends).  These critical relationships teach our children problem-solving, empathy, kindness, and taking responsibility.

Module 3  Becoming Overcomers: Now is when we bring everything together to develop grit, perseverance, and build RESILIENT KIDS!

You'll also have access to a few extras that I think will be helpful.

Tiny Feet

How Much Does It Cost?

You'll receive over 2 hours of content related to supporting your child in their character development.  Resilience is NOT one single thing but rather the combination of

many skills:










Critical Thinking




   Start Building These Skills for $49

Lifetime Access, Watch From Any Device

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